Harrisburg City Code

The City of Harrisburg has enacted a set of laws to govern the city and its residents.  This set of laws is called the City Code.  Ordinances are passed by the City’s governing body, City Council, and sent to the mayor to be signed into law.  The City Code is maintained by the city clerk and every citizen has access to the code via the city clerk’s office.

We have searched the city code for all references relating to the City Controller.  These items have been extracted and listed for convenient reference regarding the Controller’s duties and authority.  The exact code is provided as follows:

Harrisburg City Code Re-Codification

Duties of the City Controller – CS 2-103

Budget – CS 2-307

Investment Policy – CS 2-105.6

Residency – CS 2-711

Sale of Real Property – CS 2-301.1

Miscellaneous Code Sections – Controller

Complete Administraton Code – CS 2

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