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Other Audit Correspondence

2015 Statement on Auditing Standards No. 114
2015 Management Letter
2014 Statement on Auditing Standards No. 114
2014 Management Letter
2013 Statement on Auditing Standards No. 114
2013 Management Letter
2012 Statement on Auditing Standards No. 114
2012 Management Letter
2011 Statement on Auditing Standards No. 114
2011 Management Letter
2010 Statement on Auditing Standards No. 114
2010 Management Letter
2009 Statement on Auditing Standards No. 114
2009 Manageent Letter

Harrisburg City Single Audits

2015 Harrisburg City Single Audit
2014 Harrisburg City Single Audit
2013 Harrisburg City Single Audit
2012 Harrisburg City Single Audit
2011 Harrisburg City Single Audit
2010 Harrisburg City Single Audit
2009 Harrisburg City Single Audit
2008 Harrisburg City Single Audit
2007 Harrisburg City Single Audit
2006 Harrisburg City Single Audit

Police Pension Plan

2015 Police Pension Plan Audit
2014 Police Pension Plan Audit
2013 Police Pension Plan Audit
2012 Police Pension Plan Audit
2011 Police Pension Plan Audit
2010 Police Pension Plan Audit
2009 Police Pension Plan Audit
2008 Police Pension Plan Audit

Department of the Auditor General Pension Audits

2012-2014 Police Pension Plan-Compliance Audit
2012-2014 Firefighter’s Pension Plan-Compliance Audit
2012-2014 Non-Uniformed Pension Plan-Compliance Audit

Sewer Revenue Trust Fund

The Sewer Revenue Trust Fund Terminated on November 4, 2013
2013 Sewer Revenue Trust Fund Audit
2012 Sewer Revenue Trust Fund Audit
2011 Sewer Revenue Trust Fund Audit
2010 Sewer Revenue Trust Fund Audit
2009 Sewer Revenue Trust Fund Audit
2008 Sewer Revenue Trust Fund Audit
2007 Sewer Revenue Trust Fund Audit
2006 Sewer Revenue Trust Fund Audit

Harrisburg Parking Authority and Coordinated Parking Fund

2015 Harrisburg Parking Authority Audit
2014 Harrisburg Parking Authority Audit
2013 Harrisburg Parking Authority Audit
2012 Harrisburg Parking Authority Audit
2011 Harrisburg Parking Authority Audit
2010 Harrisburg Parking Authority Audit
2009 Harrisburg Parking Authority Audit
2008 Harrisburg Parking Authority Audit
2007 Harrisburg Parking Authority Audit
2006 Harrisburg Parking Authority Audit

The Coordinated Parking Fund Terminated on December 23, 2013
2013 Coordinated Parking Fund Audit
2012 Coordinated Parking Fund Audit
2011 Coordinated Parking Fund Audit
2010 Coordinated Parking Fund Audit
2009 Coordinated Parking Fund Audit
2008 Coordinated Parking Fund Audit
2007 Coordinated Parking Fund Audit
2006 Coordinated Parking Fund Audit

Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority

2015 Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority Audit
2014 Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority Audit
2013 Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority Audit
2012 Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority Audit
2011 Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority Audit
2010 Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority Audit
2009 Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority Audit
2008 Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority Audit
2007 Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority Audit
2006 Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority Audit

Capital Region Water (Formerly The Harrisburg Authority)

2014 Capital Region Water Audit (No Longer A Component Unit of the City of Harrisburg)
2013 Capital Region Water Audit
2012 The Harrisburg Authority Audit
2011 The Harrisburg Authority Audit
2010 The Harrisburg Authority Audit
2009 The Harrisburg Authority Audit
2008 The Harrisburg Authority Audit
2007 The Harrisburg Authority Audit
2006 The Harrisburg Authority Audit

Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District

2015 Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District Audit (New Component Unit)

The City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report can be found under the Financial Information Link.